Kissing Basil Brush at the Pantomime Press Launch

Sometimes, working at the Theatre Royal presents some rather glamorous opportunities. Well, sort of.  Yesterday, along with selected members of the press, I went to meet this year’s pantomime cast at the Lord Mayor’s official residence on Plymouth Hoe.

Basil Brush, Ben Nickless, Sam Cassidy and Christopher Biggins

Basil Brush, Ben Nickless, Sam Cassidy and Christopher Biggins

The pantomime press launch is an opportunity for key members of the cast to get together – often for the first time – get into costume and be photographed, filmed, interviewed, questioned and generally bothered by official members of the press.  I took the opportunity to put my top journalistic skills (ahem) to the test with Christopher Biggins (Sarah the Cook), Basil Brush, Sam Cassidy (Dick Whittington) and Ben Nickless (Simple Simon).

The first challenge was getting Biggins to the venue. His elaborate dress wouldn’t fit in the taxi (and we couldn’t have him walking up Athenaeum Street in full costume in the rain) so he travelled up to The Hoe in, well, I guess it was something like a one-sy. More than underwear but a little less than fully dressed!

Basil Brush Movie Star

Basil Brush Movie Star

Once ‘on location’ however, everything went swimmingly and the cast really seemed to hit it off; Biggins, as you’re probably aware, is a natural comedian anyway and there is never a dull moment in his company. Basil Brush is also enormously engaging – even if Hayley from Radio Plymouth and I seemed to be the butt of most of his jokes! Sam Cassidy is a real charmer – with dazzling smile to match – and Ben a really down to earth guy who although lives in the South West has yet to experience a night out in Plymouth – we’ll soon remedy that.

Laura and Basil

Me and Basil

The press launch itself is a whirlwind of posing and clicking then a round of interviews and it’s all over within an hour. After lunch we teamed up with local television production company Denham Productions to create the television advert which was filmed in the Drum Theatre.

Drum Theatre TV Studio

Drum Theatre TV Studio



Days like these don’t come along too often – they’re fun and exciting.  And who else can say a day at the office included a kiss with Basil Brush?

Kissing Basil

Kissing Basil Brush

I’ve got some video footage of my conversations with the cast which I will post soon. Meanwhile, more info on the show can be found at

Until then,

Mrs Laura Brush…

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One Response to Kissing Basil Brush at the Pantomime Press Launch

  1. funkypoppy says:

    Everyone who likes the Panto (and even those who don’t) should read this. Its a fab insight into what happens in the lead up to the Panto and gives the actors a more “human” feel 🙂 Makes you feel like you know them a bit better. 🙂

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